Another quality installation of toilet facilities & stacked Anti-vandal units.

Monnow Site Services, a leading provider of modular solutions, showcased their proficiency in delivering on-site facilities as they successfully supplied, delivered, and installed two impressive 32-foot x 10-foot antivandal units. These units, designed to enhance convenience and comfort for workers on the project site, consisted of a canteen and changing room in one unit and an open-plan office in the other.

The project required seamless integration of on-site amenities to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency for the workforce. Monnow Site Services stepped up to the challenge, demonstrating their expertise in delivering tailor-made modular solutions.

The process began with careful planning and design, where Monnow Site Services collaborated with the project stakeholders to supply antivandal units that met the specific needs of the site. The units were designed with a focus on durability, security, and functionality. The second part to the site provision was the supply, delivery, and installation of a 3 x male, and 1 x female toilet unit, sat above an effluent tank (also supplied).

On the designated installation day, a specially equipped lorry, featuring its own crane, arrived at the project site to deliver the antivandal units. The skilled operatives managed the unloading and stacking of the units with precision, ensuring a seamless and safe installation process.

“We take immense pride in delivering high-quality modular solutions to our clients. This project was no exception,” said Andrew Brace, from Monnow Site Services. “Our team works diligently to provide on-site facilities that not only meet the requirements but also exceed expectations in terms of design and functionality.”

One of the impressive features of this installation was the incorporation of an external staircase within the stacked units. Monnow Site Services’ operatives skillfully erected the staircase, offering easy access to the open-plan office unit, further enhancing convenience for the site staff.

The canteen and changing room unit boasted ample space for dining and relaxing, while the open-plan office unit provided a comfortable and productive work environment. The antivandal units were equipped with modern amenities, efficient lighting, and climate control, ensuring a pleasant experience for the on-site workforce.

“We understand the importance of creating an optimal working environment for our clients,” Rob Matthews added. “These antivandal units were designed to offer both comfort and security, promoting a positive work atmosphere for the entire team.”

Monnow Site Services’ commitment to quality and safety was evident throughout the entire process, from the initial planning stages to the final installation. Their expertise in modular solutions and on-site facilities sets them apart as a reliable and innovative partner in the construction industry.

As the project moves forward, the supplied antivandal units from Monnow Site Services will continue to play a crucial role in supporting the workforce, ensuring that they have the necessary amenities to excel in their tasks.

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